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Lifescape of Old Shanghai
周二至周日,10:30 am 至 7:00 pm;周一不开放
地点:Urbancross Gallery, 淮海中路1848号

. through SUN.: 10:30 am to 7:00 pm;Close on Monday
Address:Urbancross Gallery,1848 Middle Huaihai Road 

Downtown Shanghai is undergoing an unprecedented rapid change. People who have been living here for generations are moving away from their ancestral residence and their lifestyle is changing dramatically. As a consequence, also a specific urban environment is vanishing.
This exhibition aims to observe the peculiarities of everyday life in Old Shanghai and the distinctive ways people have been shaping their urban environment here. We call this Old Shanghai’s Lifescape. 
Welcome to join our adventures. The adventure of finding people living in what used to be a temple and discovering lavish ancient residences hidden behind humble facades, buried in the rubble of daily life. Finding out how houses, ruined in the last war, were repaired with materials at hand. As the living spaces in old Shanghai have been scarce, people have made use of the streets and other public spaces, such as hanging laundry, storage or "private garden". Also because of the condition of the old house, the "kitchen" is outside of the house, and you will see neighbors washing dishes and cooking in the narrow alley together. All these make Shanghai Lifescape even more fascinating. 
Every artist has a different approach.Here we present our findings in the form of drawings, paintings, and comments accompanying these art pieces.



AboutDrawing Shanghai

“Drawing Shanghai” was founded in June 2014 by a group of friends who wanted to explore Shanghai by drawing together. It gradually grew into a community of sketching lovers. We draw in different places in Shanghai every Saturday morning. The city is our main inspiration, and we are in constant search of ways to capture it on paper. People of any technical level are welcome to participate for free. We hope like-minded people can inspire each other by sketching.