《Der Zug》 四年回顾展
《Der Zug》 四年回顾展
Four-Year Retrospective of Der Zug
时间:周二至周日 10:30-18:00
展览地点:衡复微空间 上海市徐汇区东湖路37号(近延庆路)

Exhibition:Der Zug
Hours:  Tuesday – Sunday, 10:30 AM—18:00 PM
Address: URBANCROSS Gallery, 37 Donghu Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai

《Der Zug》杂志是由一群正在或曾经求学于欧洲德语区的年轻人发起并创办的一份独立建筑学杂志,自2014年3月创刊以来已经走过三个半年头,发刊四期,共刊载了31位作者和译者的47篇文章。在11月下旬的上海,《Der Zug》借第五期《Heinz Bienefeld专辑》成刊发布之机,对前四期进行精选回顾做以“展览”,并同期举办“讲座”、“座谈”、“新刊发布会暨主题研讨会”等系列活动,希望借此在网络之外与更多的师长、建筑同好、有识之士、新老读者建立交流,推动Der Zug后续的发展。

本次展览以《Der Zug》前四期主题文章为主,对杂志已有的选题进行回顾。展品包括分散于世界各处又协同工作于网络的编辑组成员的日常物件、作品、编辑审稿过程文档,为读者“还原”出一个虚拟的编辑部情景。展览现场每日有Der Zug编辑成员驻场,与前来参观的读者交流。

Der Zug is an independent architectural magazine initiated and founded by a group of young people who are or had studied in the german-speaking areas of Europe. It has been three and a half years since published in March 2014, with four issues and a total of 47 articles by 31 authors and translators. This late November, the fifth issue of Der Zug: Heinz Bienefeld Album will be published, combining with exhibition, seminar, talk, new-releasing conference and other series of activities, in order to enlarge their community and let new energy into Der Zug.

This exhibition focuses on the theme articles of the first four issues of Der Zug and reviews the existing topics of the magazine. The exhibits include the daily objects, works, and documents of editing and reviewing process of editorial team members who are scattered around the world and work together online, to "restore" a virtual editorial department scene for readers. Der Zug's editorial members are in the gallery space daily to communicate with readers who come to visit the exhibition.