Encounter Guizhou Road
Encounter Guizhou Road
地点:Urbancross Gallery, 贵州路109号 

Hours:Tue-Sun, 11:00-17:00 PM 
Address:Urbancross Gallery,109 Guizhou Road 
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Guizhou Road,with a length of 670 meters, connects Yunzhong, Niuzhuang, Guizhou, and Xiamen Community. It connects the bustling Nanjing Road with the quiet Suzhou River. The buildings in this area kept their historical appearances. It connect the Departments Stores and residential Lilongs, nurtured theatres and cinemas, cultivated successful businesses, and accommodated municipal facilities. Located at the heart of Shanghai, this historic neighborhood has kept the relics of the 19th century, witnessed the prosperity of the twentieth century, and still maintained the classical and fashionable characteristics. The exhibition uses Guizhou Road as a thread to recount a century's history of this area and take you to explore the neighborhood through images, documents, films, and education programs.

The exhibition is divided into four parts: the Main Venue, Partner Sites, Community Anchor Activities, and Public Educational Programs. The Main Venue, 109 Guizhou Road (My Zero Point), and the partner sites will present research-based exhibitions about the area. Apart from these shows, Encounter Guizhou Road encourages local and public participation through Community Anchor Activities and Public Educational Programs. We have designed walking tours, lectures, and workshops under the themes of "Traditional Cuisine", "Historic Buildings" and "Film and Drama". We invite local institutions, units, and shops to join these programs and guide the audience to learn about area. Together, we will take you to find the cultural foundation of Shanghai, this ever-changing city.